AI-Driven Insight Discovery

Gain immediate insights from your data to solve your most important business challenges

What is SparkLight?

SparkLight is a powerful AI platform for business intelligence. Our goal is to help every organization maximize the value of their data and power better business decisions.


Seamless collaboration between data analysts, subject matter experts, and decision-makers


Fast insights that leave no stone unturned when finding the strongest signals within your data


Translate insights into measurable business actions which can be monitored in real-time against your KPIs

Accelerate time-to-value

Generate answers to emerging questions on the fly.

Explore without boundaries

Run millions of possible hypotheses against your data to shed light on blind spots.

Turn ideas into actions

Translate bottom-up insights into straightforward, measurable business actions.

Collaborate to win

Empower your company to make data-driven decisions.

Business Analyst

Bryce. Y

“This product changed my perception of insights and how they can influence the business”

Senior Data Analyst

Robert Neriato

“Powerful machine learning analytics made accessible to a data analyst like myself”

Product Data Analyst

Naomi Kebbet

"I quickly identified an extremely valuable data segment without creating a single pivot table!"

Data Team Lead

Anna Carlile

"With minimal effort, we uncovered insights we hadn't previously considered."