Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. You can get a free trial of SparkLight as an individual user or for your organization. Your free trial will last for 30 days.

There is one Owner for the SparkLight account, who is responsible for payment.

Each account can have several Admins, who are able to assign user status (Explorer or Viewer) to SparkLight users. 

Explorers have full access to insight discovery and exploration, plus collaboration capabilities. For every 1 paid Explorer, you will receive 3 free Viewers.

Viewers can only view projects and reports that are shared with them. These accounts are free!

SparkLight account information can be viewed by clicking on your account name in the top right of the screen, then account settings. Only an account Owner can change payment information. 

SparkLight currently offers two integration options, with Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel add-on.

SparkLight is SOC 2 compliant. It has received internationally recognised accreditation that meets the 5 trust service principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

SparkLight integrates directly with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, with many more integrations to come! Additionally, you can use data in CSV or TSV format with SparkLight.

Check out our 2 minute demo video here. Or check out one of our example use cases to start exploring. Once you’ve signed up, our documentation and video tutorials are also available. 

The SparkLight Excel plugin is free! This video shows you how to connect your Excel spreadsheets with SparkLight’s insight generation power in less than 1 minute!

You will find the free SparkLight plugin in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once you’re in a Google sheet, go to the ‘Add-ons’ tab and click on ‘Get add-ons’. Search for ‘SparkLight’ and then click ‘Install’.