SparkLight & Google Sheets

Google Sheets add-on

Please download the SparkLight for Google Sheets add-on to analyze your data and surface hidden insights that power better business decisions.


How to use SparkLight’s add-on

This add-on is available for all SparkLight plan types, including the free plan.

To export your Google Sheets into the SparkLight platform:

  1. Get the SparkLight for Google add-on.
  2. Create or Open your Google Sheet in your Google account.
  3. Click Sparklight -> Generate insights from the toolbar.
  4. If it’s your first time using the SparkLight add-on, you’ll need to log in with your SparkLight details to authorize and open the app.
  5. Your current sheet will be uploaded and you’ll be redirected to SparkLight.

Linking & Unlinking Your Accounts

Your Google account can only be linked with one SparkLight account at a time.

To switch the SurveyMonkey account you’re using in the add-on:

  1. Click Sign Out from the top of the SparkLight app window.
  2. Click Sign in within a different account that same window and click log in.

To unlink your accounts entirely:

  1. Go to your Google My Account page.
  2. Find your connected apps and sites.
  3. Revoke access for SparkLight.

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